CE Webinars: July 12 and 24

Hello FPA San Diego Members,

We are extremely excited to announce another valuable benefit of being a member of the SD FPA!  Our Chapter has formed a strategic partnership with Retirement Experts Network (REN)!  REN will be providing us with a monthly webinar series that will cover current topics, economic changes as well cutting edge planning tools that you can put to use immediately in your daily client meetings.  

This additional education will be provided at no additional cost to members and many of the presentations will qualify for additional CFP Board approved CE.  The great news is that between the programs offered by FPA San Diego, FPA National and REN, you will be able to satisfy all of your CFP CE requirements at no additional cost other than your annual membership fee! 

Please note you won't automatically be registered and so you will want to opt in if you'd like to have access.  

Along with providing additional CE, there are many other benefits coming from this new partnership.  With REN, you can expand the education you are currently providing to your clients and prospects also at no additional charge.  These webinars will provide insight and knowledge from industry thought leaders on topics relevant to our practices every day and, should you find the presentations could be helpful in explaining a strategy or idea to a client, you will be able to forward the invitation so your clients and prospects can log in to participate as well. 

Since 2009 Retirement Experts Network is an educational platform for financial professionals brought to you by Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC,.  With the added value of the experts they bring to speak on the topics as well as time spent to fine tune their platform.   

Offering CE approved webinars are meant to address the challenges associated to attending the different events.  We realize times are changing, traffic is getting worse and attending in-person sessions is harder and harder to do.  Through this new initiative, we can leverage the resources around us by partnering up with groups that bring additional value to our Chapter.  By providing CE webinars it will allow us more freedom to bring in engaging speakers talking about topics that our members care about without the constraints of needing CE from every presentation.

We are constantly trying to think outside the box and improve your FPA San Diego experience so if you have an idea about what we could possibly add to what we do or work with a strategic partner through your firm or have something unique to your firm please reach out to us to explore the possibility.  Are there professionals that you work with for your own firm that could benefit from a relationship with FPA as well as bringing a benefit to our members?  If so please let us know!

We have two really dynamic webinars coming up in the month of July.

Thursday July 12th from 9-10 am with Kurt Czarnowski

Kurt is the Former Communications Director at the Social Security Administration, Kurt Czarnowski, for a special town hall Q&A webinar when he will answer your questions about changes to Social Security policies in recent years and how these laws will affect strategies used to maximize benefits in retirement.

Mr. Czarnowski will share important information for you to better educate your clients and he will answer your individualized questions in real-time.

Get Your Social Security Questions Answered by an Expert

Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | 12:00 PM — 1:00 PM EDT with Michael Kitces

Tax Planning Developments & Opportunities Under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Presented by: Michael Kitces, MSFS, MTAX, CFP®, CLU, CHFC, RHU, REBC, CASL

Partner and the Director of Wealth Management for Pinnacle Advisory Group

The end of 2017 brought one of the biggest pieces of tax reform legislation in decades: the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Join Michael Kitces, publisher of Nerd's Eye View, for this topical presentation when he will explore all the changes under TCJA and how they will affect your clients. 


During the webinar, Michael will discuss:


  • The new individual tax brackets
  • The repeal of various deductions
  • Adjustments to the standard deduction and personal exemption
  • The narrowing of the Alternative Minimum Tax
  • The rules of the new 20% Qualified Business Deduction for pass-through businesses


Tax Planning Developments & Opportunities Under Tax Cuts and Jobs Act


Please Note: One CE credit will be provided for CFP, RICP, CLU and ChFC designations.

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