SD FPA Mentorship Program

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) – San Diego (SD) mentoring program seeks to foster the professional growth of its members, both as Financial Planners and as members of FPA-SD, via a traditional mentoring process. One of the key goals of the FPA-SD’s current strategic plan is to “stimulate the growth, diversity, and participation of the membership.” One of the primary objectives of the plan is to establish mentoring opportunities.

Mentoring facilitates learning by creating relationships between willing participants. To learn more about this mentoring program, please read the Mentoring Quick Guide at this link and the Mentoring Program Description at this link.

Our mentoring program has the added benefit of allowing you to choose a mentor of the same gender.  We recognize that women in our industry can be great role models for the next generation of female financial professionals and we want to facilitate that option.

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The application deadline is Friday, November 30th.  The program runs through the calendar year, starting in January and ending in December.

Please direct any questions to